Robert F. Ling wrote:

> A single LISTSERV command using GET could retrieve anything within the
> past 11 months.

You could write and someone undoubtedly has written books about what I don't
know about listserv.  Bob and others clearly know more than I do on this
subject.  While we're making proposals, I have one.  Forgive me if it's
already been done and I failed to notice.

There must be a site or directions or something somewhere that addresses
listserv commands in simple, easy to understand for dummies language.  I'd
like to suggest that reference to such a site be added to Nicks periodic
postings.  I know the question has been asked and answered before, but on
the rare occasions when I want a command, I can never remember who, where,
what topic, etc. was used to share the information.

Nick, is this a reasonable suggestion, reasonably easy to incorporate or am
I asking the very difficult to impossible?