Daniel L. Crawford wrote:

> I just bought a digital camera (Sony Mavica FD-83)
> and NEED money to buy an Ikelite housing for it :)

I suggest caution on this.  I have a Sony Mavica 73 which has seen surface
use for several months.  The display on my camera does not work worth a darn
in low light conditions.  I was quite surprised at this.  My Sharp View Cam,
which uses a similar viewing screen can almost see in the dark.  The Sony's
display goes blind somewhere around dusk.  The camera has a fixed focus
setting which lets me get decent pictures even though I don't know what I've
shot until after I've shot it (due to the poor low light performance of the
display).  This is no problem on the surface, where I can delete shots
easily and/or swap out the disk.  Underwater, I think I might find this very
disturbing.  It's the primary reason why mine is not housed already.  In my
experience, most underwater shots I've taken have been in relatively low
light.  Your 83 may be better, but I'd try to make sure before I spent the
money to house it.  Just a suggestion, but if you can find someone who will
rent a housing for the camera, I'd try that a few times before taking the
large dollar plunge.

If you do house the camera, I'd be quite interested in knowing such things
as how easy it is to sync to a strobe and how well it does for you under
differing conditions.  I'm considering going digital underwater as well, but
want to research some of the digital movie/still cameras before I settle on
just what I'll be taking down with me.