On Sunday, March 05, 2000 6:11 PM, Christian Gerzner wrote:

> Jean-Marc,
> I have decided that I really do not wish, any more, to argue with the
> Strikes and RFL's of this world.

Because - in my case - my view of diving differs from your own?

> You may have noticed, indeed I may not post any more to this list,
> sadly, because it is usurped by some egocentric, uhhh, beings.

I try as far as possible, (and especially where diving technique or
practices are concerned), to tackle the ball - not the player.  Sometimes
the two become indistinguishable!.  I do not believe that, in the recent
thread about hose cutting, I was critical of YOU as the person proposing the
practice?  Was I?

As for the fact that I'm egocentric!!!  Cobblers!  Egotisitical, maybe, but
egocentric - never!  (Go read some of my posts about how I view(ed) my role
as an Instructor!  (Indeed, I would refer you to your own introductory post
to Scuba-L as a perfect example of egocentricity!)

> Sadly because there are some pretty decent people here.

Yes, there are!  And as far as I'm now concerned,take your ball and go home
if you feel that your views on diving are beyond reproach!