On  Sunday, March 05, 2000 7:17 PM, Christian Gerzner wrote:

> My apologies,
> I was stupid, some would say as usual, that post was never meant for the
> list. Indeed it never even went to Jean-Marc privately.

Christian!  I, myself - in egotistical mode! - have mistakenly sent private
posts to the list.  I've 'fessed up to making that mistake.  What you're
saying is that you didn't mean to say what you said to the person that you
didn't mean to send it to and then sent it anyway?  Cobblers!

Take your bat and ball and go home before I forget my usual good nature and
overlook the fact that I've actually posted comments saying that I admire
your interest in learning about diving!

(And just so that nobody feels that this is the start of a "Yes-you-did:
No-I-didn't" thread, this is my last post to you on this topic.)