"Robert F. Ling" wrote:
> At 07:17 PM 3/5/00 +1100, Christian wrote:
> >My apologies,
> >
> >I was stupid, some would say as usual, that post was never meant for the
> >list.
> Apologies for misdelivering to the messenger, but not apologizing
> to Strike about the message?

I said "My apologies", unequivocally, no limitations.

I don't believe that there is anything that can be read into a perfectly
plain statement like "my apologies".

If you like, I'll go further to say that my post (to a general list) was
_not_ Netiquette and nowadays, only a little wiser in these things, I
rather like the idea of Netiquette, was inappropriate and was downright
rude. I don't think, in my short and it seems sorry history on this
list, that I have ever before been downright rude.

Allow me to explain a little. At the time of writing that post (draught
actually) I was under some stress, the five month old daughter (two
previous sons) of some extremely close friends had died, the funeral was
last Friday. It was a draught post and I had used "Command R" to reply,
entirely forgetting that Jean-Marc, most of us on this list, had set
posts to Scuba L to reply to Scuba L (or however this is done). When I
revisited the post I decided that it was entirely inappropriate and
consigned it to the Trash Bin, except that stupid here sent it instead.
I thought I'd caught it in time but, obviously not.

There are members of this list who can support what I said above,
Jean-Marc knows he never received this post from me directly and at
least one other knows of that death. Just in case anyone might think
that I made all this up.

Like Strike, and I admire his action, I do not intend to respond any further.

> I just KNEW there are applications to the saying, "Birds of the
> same feather flock together."

As I said, I'm stupid, I don't understand that comment.