Wiv sum pitchers from Viv (aka Krazy Kiwi), and sum wurds from another
geezer, the latest (March/April) issue of Australia's, 'Scuba Diver
Magazine' is carrying an article on last year's NEDFest in Cozumel.

The piece was apparently suposed to be called, "Wot we dun on our holidays",
but Sue - the editor - decided to call it, "Cozumel Capers"!  (Actually, I
think that she may have fallen madly in lust with either Mika or Andy?  I
can't decide - but they're the ony two whose picture appears TWICE! :-)

I'll try and lay my hands on some more copies and post them off to the folks
who attended - providing that no one beats me soundly round the ear-holes
for exercising a degree of poetic licence!  (For 'poetic licence' read,
'lies'!) :-)

(Now if only I can figure out a way of getting Andy and Mika to autograph my
copy - on the understanding that they return it to me - I may have a
valuable collector's item that'll stand me in good stead in my declining
years!) :-)