Ron Fuller wrote:
> I received this email in regards to the Diving Cards site. If you can help
> hello, french diver i like hold diving helmet. i dont understand english
> very well but i found your site super and we dont have the same in
> french. could you unswer me at some question.
> what is the price of a siebe helmet of 1917? a russian helmet of 1960
> and one of 1980.
> thank you whit advance, good day
>                         stephan
> So if any of you can help Stephan, please do.

Ron I can help him!!!!

Many and many times ago when Feesh was not retarred, he did not send
7,453,619 flaming messages a day to scuba-L and he and J.M.
were good friends, I received the following good wishing messages:

 * Someday, you will pay for it.  Not with cash, mind you, but with a
 * good, solid DCS hit.  Enjoy!
 * (from Dave Read)

 * You may pay for that foolishness with a case of "but he _really_
 * deserved it case of the bends - deserved" undeserved both apply.
 * (from Hugh Huntzinger)

 * You're DOOMED!
 * (from Carl Heinzl)

At that point I realized that some backup for my Air Integrated
dive computer was absolutely required. So I began to use:

 - a piece of (marine) wood (to be touched every 3 minutes)
 - a fox tail (treated for u/w use)
 - a horseshoe (tied to the tank)
 - the helmet used by my grandfather during the first world war
   with two horns placed on the top

This latter, as far I know, is valued about $1,000,000.
Hoping this helps

Giovanni (USD President)

Giovanni Marola
Dept. of Information Engineering
University of Pisa
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