On Wednesday, March 01, 2000 3:10 PM, Lee Bell wrote:

> I have a slight preference for leaving the site where it is.  My
> is not based on fears of what Nick might or might not do.  I think he's
> a remarkably good job of leaving the list to it's member's devices.  My
> preference falls more along the lines of what happens to the list if Nick
> tires of the task or, worse yet. runs afoul of Murphy's law.

Despite my earlier post , Lee's raised a good point that I hadn't actually
considered!  (See!  I can admit mistakes!) :-)

While I have every respect in the world for Nick; his forbearance in
allowing people like me to remain on the list - and his ability to carry
half-a-ton of Marmite into Australia on behalf of ignorant and recalcitrant
gits like Julian and Tricky<BWG> - there is that hanging question about,
"What happens if ...?"

> I'll stick with the list one way or the other.  It's still the best source
> of Scuba discussion I've come across, and I've looked around more than a
> little.

I've been waiting for just such an opportunity:  Me too!  :-)