"Reef Fish (Large Nassau Grouper)" wrote:

> That's a LONG time.  An LP hose break can empty a tank in 20-30 sec.
> That should have given him PLENTY of time to START on his ascent and
> surface.

If he had immediately started his ascent, he would have had a
bump on the head from the ceiling ;-)

> Why was he OOA at 50m?   !!!

Actually he was truly OOA at 35m on the plateau where we had
ascended after the problem occurred.

> >I could see the needle on
> >his SPG moving fast. In any case, 2 minutes is not enough to make
> >a comfortable/safe ascent from 50m/165ft.
> A "comfortable/safe" ascent is DESIRABLE, if you have the air to do
> so.  But it IRRELEVANT in an OOA situation where the choice is
> between life and death.

I guess he preferred a comfy buddy assisted ascent.

> You forgot about the Alternative Option thread already?  ;-)

How could I! In that case, option two is a must :-)