"Robert F. Ling" wrote:

> Jean-Marc, when confronted by a gang of Scuba-L'ers with BIG CLUBS
> in hand regarding his stance on OOA (such as endorsing cutting the
> HP hose <G>), took refuge behind da Feesh by FAKING:

Violation of guideline No something for distorting facts. I NEVER
endorsed cutting the HP hose. -1 brownie point :-)
I don't recall being confronted by anyone (faulty memory? faulty
understanding of the word confront? In French, confronter can
have a violent/agressive connotation).

> >There is pretty little for me to add to what Bob wrote. I agree
> >with what he wrote.
> >Therefore I don't add anything.
> >Yes its a "me too" so what! :-)
> >
> >Jean-Marc
> THIS was the post Jean-Marc referred to, in which I wrote:
> *>A RESPONSIBLE diver, alone or not, at ANY depth, should
> *>
> *>          NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER, NEVER ...
> *>
> *>be so CARELESS as to find himself/herself in such an OOA situation!
> *>
> *>It SHOULD BE a NON-existent scenario.  :-)

I thought that your "such an OOA situation" referred to the case
where one doesn't monitor one's air properly.
Apparently you meant something else. I therefore withdraw my "me