Giovanni wrote,

>Sangalaki is considered the land of manta rays.
However we saw them only once, without being able to approach them.<

Should have been here last week! Well, that's the way it goes sometimes.
When we arrived in April 98, the Mantas had been gone for 2 weeks, but we
saw them every day and they always made really close passes.

>>Near Sangalaki, there are many islands with interesting dive sites.
Kakaban Island is about 20 minutes away.<<
>> Still early into the dive, at a depth of about 40 m,
I barely had time to shoot a few pictures when
the rope used for the ascent appeared in the clear water.
This rope was placed in order to help divers reach the surface in front
of a beautiful coral reef at the depth of about 10 m.<<

I never understood the usefulness of that rope. You can simply drift around
the point and make your ascent in the low current area. The reason they
drop divers so close to the "rope" seems to be based on their experience of
when the standard  "tourist" divers run low on air at 30m. Very quickly it

You did not mention the Jelly Fish lake. Hope you did not skip that. Had a
great moment there, when the Belgian guy, who I always tried to keep
(without any success) from lying/kneeling on coral, flooded his very
expensive camera housing 10 seconds into the dive. The DM loved it too.

>>Nurhab had forgotten to connect the BC!<<
>>"What a bonehead", I thought, and thoroughly fed up,<<

You let someone else assemble your gear and don't even bother to check? Who
was  the bonehead here?

Nice report, though. Brought back lots of nice memories. NED Fest anyone?

mika, delray