On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Roger Mills wrote:

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><< I remember being taught that the -n- of stand is an infix
> as well. >>

>As well as think-thought, bring-brought et al., similarly in German/Dutch
>that I know of-  how about Swedish?  Latin tangere-tactus et al. Greek?
>probably.   Sanskrit has a class n-infixing verbs like (IIRC) root /ruc/
>'shine' > rinokti '3rd. sg.'  So evidently of IE lineage, tho seemingly a
>marginal procedure even at that remove.

Don't know Swedish. Old Norse has thykkja-thotti; can't find bring.
In Norse, -nk- -> -kk-. This might be an interesting feature for the
IE conlangers amongst us to look into. The infix, that is. :)