* Natalie Brunelle <[log in to unmask]> [000315 15:16]:
> My name is Natalie and I'm new to the list too.

Hi, I'm tal and a conlangoholic

> I'm also new to language construction.

Ooh! Danger, Will Robinson! Be not afraid of the linguistics-monster
with big, pointy teeth! (And don't contemplate whether to choose -l or
-r for intriguing feature X right before you go to bed, as you need the
rest ;) )

> I'm creating a world for the fantasy novel that I'm writing, so I'm
> also creating new cultures and new languages. (Kind of an ambitious
> project for someone so new.) I know that I want a couple of my
> languages to be based on Swahili, and I want the other languages I
> develop to be based on other African languages, ancient or modern.

Have a look at the languages of Ghana, they are rather well documented,
(niger-cordofanian family of languages) though the descriptions might be
a tad too linguisticy. I can give you better pointers on Akan (national
language of Ghana) if you're interested.

Then if you also look into some bantu language, the book(s) will sure be
a treat for Africa-lovers :)

I suggest you look into finding a good introduction to linguistics as
the more interesting languages around rarely come with berlitz
phrase-books etc.

t., who likes serial verbs