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Dear Adrian,

On Tuesday, 14.03.2000 at 23:42 you wrote:

mfea> Vasiliy Chernov wrote:

>> - I have some problems with this. In particular,
>> why the vowels in _gone_ and _bot_ are kept
>> apart from each other?

mfea> Because they're different vowels! :-) The one in
mfea> _gone_ is longer, and also tighter in the throat.
mfea> (I believe they're the same in Tasmania, though.)

- Therefore, _gone_ rimes with _loan_? The dictionaries (both British
and American) point to the same vowel as in _dot_ as the more common
pronunciation. But _loan_ must have the same vowel as in _boat_
(also present in your table), so I'm confused again...

>> Some features common with RP:
>> _r_ is silent, except when a vowel follows;

mfea> This is a difference between S. Australian and
mfea> Gz^rod|in, which is why I adopted 'q' to represent
mfea> _r_ where I would usually render it silent.

>> I am not sure about the vowels in _long_,
>> _dog_, _lock_.

mfea> I'd render these as all the same vowel, and the
mfea> same as in _bot_.

- That is, the vowels in _long_ and in _law_, _talk_ are different?
(this is exactly what dictionaries suggest, but both Americans and
Britishers often violate).

Best regards,
Vasiliy Chernov