At 00:50 21.3.2000 -0800, Barry Garcia wrote:

>Well it's the same script. The reason is, when I write quickly I cant make
>it curved (well the top part anyway, the angle gets rounded). So for ease
>of writing, it becomes angled. I've been thinking of adding regional
>differences, like a straight line with no top bar, or a rounded virama
>like a backwards C.

In Tibetan, where it is called _tseg_ and has a somewhat different
function, the viraama is simply a dot after the syllable at the height of
the top line of the letters.  I guess you could use something much like a
Roman period, given that period in Indic scripts is a vertical line | --
called _da.n.da_ 'stick' in Sanskrit and _shad_ [S_jE:] in Tibetan.

BTW I found that traditional Malayalam script is essentially the same as
Grantha.  HTH!


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