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> Which is why I loved "The Ice is Coming" by Patricia Wrightson.  It's
> based on Australian Aborigine beliefs, in today's time.  In fact, that's
> a key element of the plot.  The _Ninya_ (Ice-Sprits) have escaped from
> their traditional home, able to do so because the people there have
> forgotten the old rituals to keep them there, and are trying to cover
> all of Australia in ice, and a single young Aborigine man must stop
> them.
There are several other titles by the same author that I remember
reading in the early eighties at school.  They were well worth reading.
She re-uses her protagonists in at least one later title.  She is not
necessarily 'kind' to her characters, she makes them develop.

I wonder if the library has them...

- andrew.
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