Sally Caves wrote:

> Hello and Welcome, Natalie, Shreyas, and Keolah!
> I'm curious... how did you get to LangMaker, or
> come upon this list?
> And were you creating a language before someone
> sent you here?  Probably, yes, of course... <G>

A year or so ago, I was looking for basically naming resources, and I was
wandering, and I stumbled.  Happy accident, really.  Then the whole
concept of conlanging caught my attention, and for a while I drifted
through the Web's resources, till I found a link to the list on Scattered
Tongues' page.

> Shreyas, no conlang is ever "bad, dreadful,
> unutterably, obscenely, horribly bad."  There
> are no rules for conlangs, no prizes set, no
> competitions.  Only stages of development.

I see you noticed my self-effacing, hyperbolic humility.  I'm actually
quite happy with the current stage of development, it's VSO language with
agglutinating tendencies, and has Hindi/Arabic/Hawai'ian influences in
the phonology.  No syllables closed with a consonant, no consonant
clusters, that sort of thing.  I'm having trouble with verb forms,
though: I don't want to have huge, cumbersome charts of conjugations,
like Latin does, but under the current grammar, it's possible to put 5 or
6 affixes onto a verb stem, and that's equally unpleasant.  On the bright
side, most of those are wierd aspects that won't be used often, except
possibly in literary works.  I should stop borrowing Latin vocabulary and
trying to convert it into my restrictive phonology, though.  Bad habit.
Loth 77