Barry Garcia <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>I like it much better than the square style I made up. When I finally
>finished it i thought "wow, this style would be great for billboards,
>stigns, etc".

It looks great! (I just downloaded it, you see, so pardon the
belated congratulations. :) I've been doing things with a pen
too (I've found it relaxes me a lot) but I'm not so neat (I
prefer to have several, more casual styles).

My latest alphabet is the _akondara_ system for Thyllymas:

(in Spanish, so far). The forms in the 'tablet' I have as
first sample are quite angular (rune-like) so you won't like
them, Barry, but I've been trying several other styles,
including a cursive one. Now I need a goose feather for
added realism...

What I did was to draw increasingly complex shapes, from
triangles to squares to hangman little men and such, and
then I chose the ones I liked best. I don't usually change
scripts much after the first drafts -- by that time I have
already found 'sacred inscriptions' which are not to be
(re)touched. ;)

--Pablo Flores
  ... I cannot combine any characters that the divine Library
  has not foreseen, which in some of its secret tongues do not
  bear some terrible meaning. No-one can articulate a syllable
  not filled of caresses and fears; which is not, in some one
  of those languages, the powerful name of a god...
                   Jorge Luis Borges, _The Library of Babel_