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>That's VERY nice.  I can see it used in packaging, newspaper mastheads,
>wild garish billboards for Indian movies....

I like it much better than the square style I made up. When I finally
finished it i thought "wow, this style would be great for billboards,
stigns, etc". Heh, i can even see the lettering on signs for Indian
movies.....perhaps I can make another artefact :).

>When you mentioned Thai, I was curious to see how closely it might
>resemble my Kash script, which is based on Thai (conventional print, not
>billboard style) as much as on anything. But there is hardly any

Well, just the style of the lettering was based off of a script style I
had seen on a Thai sign. Not that it's based off of Thai. Ranaka actually
derives from Grantha (and a cousin to Tamil, Kannada, but much more
simplified than those are).  The sign that inspired me is:

>  Curiously, when  Kash is written with a broad-tipped pen, it looks
>quite like Hebrew ! Sorry, no neat website yet; maybe later this summer.
>If anyone would like to see Kash script, let me know and I can send it as
>an attachment. Roger

Interesting. I would be very interested in seeing your Kash script. Send
it on over!


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