> Take these pieces thrown away,
> Put them together from night and day
> Washed by the sun, dried by the rain
> To be my father in the fatherless days

This is what it looks like in present day Rinya.
There are rules of soft and nasal mutation and
umlauting that may change and I'm not sure I've
chosen the right cases everywhere (in which case
the word order may be wrong). But overall, I think
it's pretty good Rinya.

    Dhyc veil, hyem rhapies, sala,
    Udh nhuga checarando a dheldarando,
    Bewie i nellin, dilhie in chennin,
    Udh dhich dhhuninya i nilderinte ci dhichinya.

Here is a pronunciation guide:

/DYk vEjl CEm 'r_0apIEs 'sala/
/UD n_0Uga xEka'rando a Delda'rando/
/'bEwIE I 'nEl:In 'dil_0IE In xEn:In/
/UD DIx D<nas>U'nInja i nIlde'rIntE kI DI'xInya/

And here is the interlinear:

dhyc      veil,        hyem    rhap -ie  -s,   sal -a
these:ABS piece:PL:ABS REL:ABS throw-PAST-PASS take-IMP
'Take these pieces that were thrown'

udh     nhug-a   checar-ando a   dheldar-ando
3PL:ABS join-IMP night -ABL  and day    -ABL
'Join them from night and from day'

bew -ie   i   nel-lin, dilh-ie   in  chen-nin
wash-PAST DEF sun-ERG  dry -PAST DEF rain-ERG
'The sun washed (them) and the rain dried (them)'

udh     dhich  dhhun-inya i   nilder-inte ci  dhich-inya
3PL:ABS father 1SG-DAT    DEF day:PL-LOC  NEG father-DAT
'They (will be) my father in the days of no father'

Abbreviations (in order of appearance):

ABS = Absolutive
REL = Relative particle
PASS = Passive voice
IMP = Imperative
ABL = Ablative
DEF = Definite article
ERG = Ergative
DAT = Dative
LOC = Locative
NEG = Negation particle

Oh, and {dhh} should really be an edh plus an {h}. This is
the result of soft mutation (n -> dhh). It is pronounced as
a voiced interdental nasal. And for some reason there is not
one single case of umlauting in the entire poem. Strange.

Comments are more than welcome, of course.

/ Daniel