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>I just don't know if I want to get into a major revision at this
>stage, especially while it is already undergoing some shifting
>and refining of the grammar.
>Any opinions? Should I just start YANC? (Yet Another New Conlang)

Well, personally i wouldnt want to touch the phonology after such a long
time of having the language around. But, do what pleases you.

I have also been thinking about adding in articles. I know that in
Tagalog, the words marked with the trigger particle are usually translated
as definate, and the others indefinate, but i would like a more
concreteness to the definate and indefinateness.It would also add more
"european-ness" to it like I have wanted. Perhaps they could be attached
to the triggers when those are used, and then the articles by themselves
when no verb is used.


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