From: "FFlores"

> Myself, I usually make a difference in my langs, in
> the conjunction 'and', between clauses (or verb phrases)
> and noun phrases. Adjectives I generally juxtapose with
> no conjunction.

Géarthnuns is like this; "kfö" for clauses and verbs, "zhö" to connect
anything else: nouns, adjectives, adverbs, postpositional phrases...

> For whoever knows: what did Latin do with _et_ and <-que>?
> Could you use <-que> with whole clauses?

Yep, you could.

Dominus ex equo descendit, villamque intravit.
The master got off his horse and went into the house.

Incidentally, Géarthnuns "zhö" acts the way it does because I either did not
know or forgot about this use of
-que back in high school.