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<< From a song I heard the other day ("Always" by the Newsboys):
     Take these pieces thrown away,
     Put them together from night and day
     Washed by the sun, dried by the rain
     To be my father in the fatherless days >>

At first I thought this would be very difficult in Kash; all those
participles and passives......only the first line has a minor no-no:  the
demonstrative between the noun and its modifier, for the metre .  (Accents
marked here where non-penultimate; the underline indicates vowel elision for
the metre)


túnduka_ambatra tash hukop
hámboska úmitka ondre i lero
lero yatenge, ripa rundawu
iyukarto amami ri lerosh inga_ama

tundu.ka ań.matra tash hukop
pick up-IMP  NOM-broken this-PL  discard(ed)

hambos.ka umit.ka ondre i lero
combine-IMP use-IMP night and day

lero ya.tenge, ripa rum.tawu
sun 3s-wash, rain  (3s omitted)CAUS-dry ama.mi ri inga ama
3pl-become-FUT father-my in/at day-PL without father

The language tends naturally to anapests or dactyls; iambs and trochees are
far too jingly.  Rhyme, when present, is by assonance.