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>Sure, but the original subject was US-Canadian attitudes.  Perhaps my
>"rats" example gave the impression I ascribed this as a specifically US
>attitude, but that was not my intention.

I remember reading one of my mother's magazines, and in the letters to the
editor section, a reader wrote about and inteview given by Claire Danes,
in which she was supposedly apalled and disgusted by the poverty (and the
poor people)  in the Philippines.

>As for Greek _barbaros_ I'm not so sure it implied cultural as opposed to
>linguistic contempt: the Greeks could feel admiration for Egyptians and
>Persians, yet they were by definition _barbaroi_.

Somewhat related to this is something I read in one of my interpersonal
communication books. A section on conflict talks about as tribe in Brazil
called the Mundrucu. It says that they refer to themselves as people, but
they call outsiders "pariwat". It goes on to say that it allows them to
refer to pariwat in the way they would refer to huntable animals.


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