At 01:19 PM 3/29/00 -0500, Hugh wrote:
>I was hoping that this thread was going to be a productive dive-related
>issues discussion that Bob has been promising, instead of YA personal attack
>from Bob.

This is only the Preview.  In time, when the noise dies down, which
meant YOURS, of course, I'll have something posted here.
>> Hugh, who called me repeated a "hypocrite" and used the
>> term "hypocrite" in the subject to make his unwarranted
>> SMEAR about me, has amply shown that HE is the supreme
>> hypocrite.  <sigh>
>Did I spell it wrong?

Did you?  What's your POINT?

>Subject: Re: What is the sound of a Hypocrite Spammer?

>This claim is from the very same individual who
>claims that his inflammatory statements about the "Aldora Cult" isn't
>bashing Aldora because there's a "loophole" between bashing the dive
>operation itself and bashing its customers.

They can read that post.  That was EXACTLY the difference.
I only bash those VERY FEW in that "cult".  Probably less
than 1000th of those who dive with Aldora, and no more than
10th of those who have posted about Aldora!

The idea of a "loophole" can only be thought up by someone like
yourself, Hugh.  Get over it!

FOr one thing, I even specifically mentioned that Chuck Hopf
is not in that group.  John Nitrox is certainly not in that
Cult, ete. etc.

Hugh, the more you continue your absolutely unethical TWIST
of everything I say and make absolutely absurd allegations
about me forging posts to speak on my own behalf, your own
standing and credibility in the scuba forums can only go
straight down=hill.  Trust me!

>Gosh, YMMV _really_ applies
>here.  I hope everyone has their RFL translation guides, bullshit detectors
>powered up and in hand today <g>.

ACTION speaks louder than WORDS, Hugh.

>That this topic is here at all is proof that while Bob claims that he bears
>no grudge against anyone and that he treats each post on a case-by-case
>basis that this claim is actually a lie.

This is not a grudge.  It's a CASE BY CASE.  I have repeatedly forgiven
you for your tactic in the past.  When you choose to continue as a
"grudge" on YOUR part, I am going to expose you for the HYPOCRITE
that YOU are.

Hugh, remember this:  no friend of mine is EXEMPT from irresponsible
behavior.  You are STILL my friend, as long as you STOP your kind
of irresponsible behavior.  If you continue, what remains of the
"friendship" will soon cease, and you'll have to prove yourself
from scratch from your ACTION.

>Of course, stating this will
>create a fuss, so I apologize for the likely inevitable disruption in
>advance.  I do not wish to perpetuate such an off-topic discussion in this
>valued group, so I invite Bob to take this "problem" elsewhere.

Fine.  So let's take it private, if you want to continue.  There's
plenty PUBLIC in that Scuba-L readers can find and read
themselves and decide for THEMSELVES which of us is the true
>In other words: FYSLTF, Bob.  Let's talk about diving instead.

Action speaks louder than words or acronyms, Hugh!

-- Bob.