At 04:40 PM 3/30/00 -0500, Hugh wrote:
>Bob wrote:
>> [...]
>> THAT was when he pulled out an announcement from Uwatec, dated
>> January 2000, that FINALLY admitted that the algorithmic
>> defect EXISTED.   :-)
>> So, that should be the final chapter of that Saga.
>I'd like to get a copy so that it can be put it up on a webpage, since its
>not on Uwatec's

Any dive shop that is an authorized dealer of Uwatec Aladin Air-X
Nitrox dive computers SHOULD have a copy of it.

>Did you happen to grab a copy?  (or can you still?)

No, there are no copies to grab.  It was in a binder kept by the
owner of the dive shop.

-- Bob.