At 05:02 PM 3/31/00 -0500, Carl wrote:
>> >> Here you'll find an unretuched picture of
>> >> Aldora King with its captain Feesh, the DM Carl
>> >> and Pamela Anderson:
>> >>
>> >>

Strike wrote:

>> >Giovanni!  You're not only a piece of lying, soggy, limp-brained pasta;
>> >you're also a thieving git!  Who gave you permission to feature the
>> 'Mollusc FU-2' dive computer in your picture?

Da Feesh chimed in,

>> Where?  Where?   I missed it the first time, and still missed it when
>> I went back and looked again!  They're not those little gizmos hanging
>> on Carl's belt, are they?  :^)

DM Carl <G> could resist the shark bait no longer ...
>They must be.  Either that or they're those little white things on
>the tank that look like band aids.   THAT must be it.  He drills
>little holes in the tanks then puts the band aid - er - I mean
>computer on top of the hole so he can make it an air integrated
>computer :^)

No, no, Carl.  You got THAT wrong.  Those are the rusted steel
tanks!  :-)   Re-conditioned by band aids.   See YOUR invention

>> How you're giving Carl some REAL cause to sue the pants ON to Gio,
>> after you sued them off, for infringement of Carl's patent in the
>> customized Nemesis-weightbelt (lead filled Nemesis computers will
>> holes drilled) on Miyagi, while I'll sue Giovanni for infringement
>> of my Chinese Aabbaaccus dive computer by opening insinuating that
>> it is AI ("air-integrated") simply because of the air space between
>> beads.
>That will keep our DF tied up just trying to figure out whether he's
>putting them on or taking them off, something which most likely is
>already a mystery to someone with such an innate ability to engineer
>information :^)
>> >(I must say, however, that Carl's better looking than I imagined!)
>I found it pretty funny how all my hair disappeared though and what
>little is left on the sides is grey! :^)  That must be some really
>good touchup work by our DF :^)
>> Uh oh ... I must run for cover now.  :-)   May be back ... urrrr
>> in a few days.  I am gonna pull some nurse-shark tails while diving
>> in the shark-filled sites in Chicagah!  :)))
>You might be able to fool DF but we know that there ain't no
>nursey sharks in that there city - it's just too windy.  Which
>also means that there ain't no nurse sharks in Boston which actually
>has a higher average wind velocity than Chicago.

LIVED in both them cities.  The HOT winds from both came mostly
from the politicians there.

Then Chuck (Carl's twin) popped in with,

>Be careful.  I am from Chicagah.  The sharks you need to watch
>for are not in the lake.

But those are exactly the ones I meant!  :-)  The tails of the
nurse sharks belong to a Northern Gentleman by the name of
John Nitrox, and if we have Dim Sum in Chinatown, who knows
how many sharks we may run into, ... on the menu alone!  <BWG>

Did we MISS anything else on Giovanni's Art?

-- Bob.