At 06:05 PM 3/31/00 -0600, DPTNST John wrote:

>At 05:02 PM 3/31/00 -0500, Carl wrote:
>>You might be able to fool DF but we know that there ain't no
>>nursey sharks in that there city - it's just too windy.

( snip )

>from my understanding a plump nurse shark

Could it be the alter ego of a Northern Gentlemann I happen
to know in that part of the country?

>formerly associated with the Shedd will be trying to donate
>a fin to the soup (probably unsuccessfully) at the restaurant
>of the Three Happiness (next to the Inn) over the weekend.

to mark a "micro Chicagah NEDfest" for a Northern shark couple
to meet a Southern feesh couple, in an event whose total planning
(with three changes of plan), all completed in less than a day.

Interesting FACTOID:  Chicagah may be the only city in the world
where one-day's rental of a compact CAR at the airport terminal
can be LESS than the cost of one-day's parking of that car in a
hotel garage!




-- Bob.