Pascal Aventurier writes:

 > I'd like to know if there is a specific TEI dtd for symposium publication or
 > paper.

You probably don't need anything more than a <group> containing a
number of <text>s, where each <text> has a <front> containing
a <docTitle>, <docAuthor> etc. Treating the thing as a teiCorpus might
be an abuse, perhaps.

alternatively, make each symposium paper a separate TEI.2 document,
and have a wrapper document containing a series of <xptr> links to the
individual papers. you processing software can do the right thing to
build a nice book. Personally, thats what I would do, because it makes
it each to process individual papers and you do not have to mess with
commenting out parameter entities in a master file when you want to
run just a few papers.

Sebastian Rahtz