> We've used Author/Editor, WordPerfect SGML, XMetaL, and a few
> freebies.  Now it's time to try the monster, FrameMaker+SGML. The
> first pass was not propitious. After installing I went looking for
> where to place the DTD or to compile a proprietary rules file
> (called an "application" by FrameMaker) and found the ominous
> instructions: "a developer typically sets up this application for
> you" but no instructions on how the developer (that would be me!)
> does that. According to the manual, that information is in the
> "Developer's Guide" online at the Adobe site. 45 minutes, multiple
> searches and three phone calls later, the Adobe tech support guy is
> going to TRY to find the URL and e-mail it to me.

The process is indeed frustrating, probably the most complex and
forbidding of any SGML system I have used. It's so lengthy that I
ducked out of describing the process in detail in my book (pp.364-366)
simply on grounds of space. It's actually in the online documentation
that comes with the package, under "setting up an EDD", but it's
confused by the fact that (a) the docs are trying to teach SGML
concepts at the same time as tell you how to load a DTD, and (b) they
can't make up their minds whether you are trying to create an EDD from
an existing Frame document that you want to export in SGML, or load an
existing document from SGML into Frame. So far as I could see, you do
have to have an existing SGML instance to do the job with: you can't
load a DTD alone, it has to have an instance in order for it to allow
you to initiate the process.

An EDD is a mixed bag: setting it up involves compiling the DTD,
specifying the display styles, and creating any read/write rules (an
internal "feature" which allows you to bend the SGML on input or
output: the assumption being that you really don't want all this SGML
restrictiveness, you're actually trying to get away from SGML into
Frame's own document model :-).

> But all that aside, does anyone have any advice on using
> FrameMaker+SGML (other than "run away!!")?

Unless you need Frame+SGML for some other purpose, I'd leave it. It
makes a poor editor, although its formatting is not too bad.

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