Doug Ball wrote:

>Other conlangs Tepa, Tokana (And speaking of Tokana, Matt, where/how will we
>be able to see the new version of the Tokana Reference Grammar?)

Not on the web, unfortunately.  My HTML files were lost when my computer
died (or more precisely, they were successfully saved onto a disk after the big
crash, but then the disk got lost).  I could download the files from the
web, but
the Tokana Reference Grammar site, hosted by the kindness of David Durand,
seems to have disappeared into the ether.  And anyway, the changes to the new
edition of the grammar have been so extensive that rewebification--even
from intact HTML files--would take a long time.

If the new version of the TRG is to be available at all, it will have to be in
hardcopy versions, as before.  That, or I could send people softcopies as
email attachments.  It's a rather large document:  Over 160 pages, saved
as five Word 6.1 files.