On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Matthew F Funke wrote:

> > The names we give ourselves give us identity.  Men seem to be more
> > satisfied with their names than women.  Comments?

I wasn't satisfied with the name my parents gave me - they wanted me
to have a name that couldn't be shortened, mangled, varied, made into
nicknames, etcetera, so they named me something that rhymes with just
about every rude word in the Dutch language and it made my life hell
for twenty years. So when I became Orthodox at twenty-four, I chose
some female saints that I liked and tried their names on myself, a
full day for each one, and found out that I wasn't an Elizabeth
(worse luck), but I could very well be an Irina.

>      I have to disagree, at least in my case.  I *really* dislike my given
> name, Matthew -- it sounds nasal and pinched to me.

I think 'Matthew' is all right - probably because I know someone
called that (one of my best friends is married to him) and he's very
nice indeed, so that's who I think of.

> I prefer the nickname
> I was given in Russian classes, and which I've managed to keep in a few
> social circles (Nikolai); it sounds much more intriguing, having elements
> of culture with a few rough edges.

My French teacher named me 'Rosalie' and I hated it!


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