On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Raymond Brown wrote:

> I think not.  The Orthodox surely believe as much as we Catholics that Holy
> Church is guided by the Holy Spirit and that, altho individual leaders may
> be scoundrels & may even hold erroneous opinions, when the Church solemnly
> defines a doctrine to be held by all the faithful it will be preserved from
> error, i.e. the infallibility of Mother Church is common to both traditions.

But we deny that this infallibility can rest in any one mortal man.

> Papal infallibility does _not_ mean a Pope says nothing wrong!  The
> question is just where the Pope and the other Patriarchs & bishops fit into

Simple:  The Pope of Rome is merely a first among equals, with no
infallability and no veto nor powers over the flocks of the other
patriarchs.  That is where he fits.

> Not one of the Pope's titles. But even 'vicarius Christi' is not IMO
> insuperable - indeed to some extent other Patriarchs are, as are bishops.

There is no Vicar of Christ.