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> "through the Son" could be acceptable, since it describes the ekonomia of
> the Holy Spirit as Orthodoxy understands it.  "and the Son" violates an
> Orthodox principle that what any two Hypostases have in common, all have
> in common.
I also favour "through the Son" because it balances the Spirit's
participation in the birth of the Son.  I could imagine such an
Ecumenical Council being called but the attendance of the
post-Reformation Churches could be challenging.  I imagine such
international Protestant groups attending representing Anglicans,
Lutherans, Reformed Churches and the World Council of Churches, but
getting the more recent purely Evangelical and Pentecostal churches to
attend could be challenging.

Mind you there have always been schismatics produced from the
Ecumenical Councils.

- andrew.
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   The sacred writers have clothed God in a human form, like gleaming
  amber or fire, and have spoken of its eyes, and ears, and hair, and
 face, and hands, and wings, and pinions, and arms, and back, and feet.
                                   - The Divine Names, 1.8