Hawksinger wrote:

> There is indeed a Chibcha grammar although I haven't seen it in
> years.  I think its title was just Muisca and I believe it was
> one of the Bureau of American Ethnography titles.  It was terrible
> though, since it forced Muisca into a Latinate model.
> I believe that the SIL has published several materials dealing with
> Muisca proper as well as the rest of the family.  There site is
> at

Have they?  I've always thoght SIL was more interested in living languages
than dead ones... any how Muisca is in the Ethnologue with the following

CHIBCHA (MUISCA, MOSCA) [CBF] Almost one million before extinction in the
18th century. Central highlands. Chibchan, Chibchan Proper. The Chibcha
people are still located near the towns of Tocancipa, Cota, Gachancipa and
Tenjo. Apparently no speakers are left. Typology: SOV. Extinct.

Well, in Amazon I found this out-of-print title:
  Gramatica en la lengua general del Nuevo Reyno, llamada Mosca
  by Bernardo de Lugo

-- Carlos Th