Guess I will throw in my 2 cents;

Nova, its mine and its everything I ever really wanted in a language.
Lojban, always strikes me a very alien but that only makes it more
Esperanto, what the heck, its easy, it wouldn't take long, and I have
toyed with it off and on for years.
Possibly one of the lgs that I am creating as descendents of
Proto-Adenan (spoken by the Adena culture of the central US circa 100 BC
to 400 AD)
No others, there are many, many I admire, but being a lg community of
one is difficult.

Nahuatl (Classical and Huastecan), I can (have to soon) revive my
reading but speaking would be nice too.
Hopi: used to read it fairly well and spoke it crudely, still one of
my favorites
Crow: one of the most divergent Siouan lgs and there are lots of native
speakers in my part of the country
Aguaruna: interesting lg and I have a lot resources.  Its Jivaroan,
which are probably further related to Arawakan
French: all those lgs, all those years, and my French is restricted
to 1 semester as freshman in high school (a long, long time ago)

Rusty but revivable if needed; Latin, Spanish
Very unlikely but would be cool: Georgian, Swahili, Dakota, Comanche,
Cree, Chinese, Sumerian, Arabic, Syriac (OK, I just like the script),
something Papuan, and something Austronesian, maybe Tahitian or

Truth is, I will be lucky to more than one or two of the natlangs and
maybe Nova.

Brad Coon
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