> 2. Old English.  It might just be as beautiful as Welsh.  And to read
Beowulf in the original...ahh....

Oh, yes! I _love_ Old English! It's my first language love and shall be my
last (sod German and French)

> 4. Romani. (?)  It's obscure and dying and spoken by vagabonds and
wanderers.  What more could you want?

Again, oh yes! I'm trying to learn it, but I cant find any courses or even
online grammars. According to my grandmother, there is some Romany in the
family- my great-grandmother's mother married a Gadje. Speaking of Gadje:
Mashkar le gadjende leski shib si le Romeski zor. Out of interest, my
signature is in Romany.


I chirikleski kul chi perel duvar pe yek than

The droppings of the flying bird never fall twice on the same spot