The following is a description on how Zera is politically divided in my
sketches, including languages... I would like some feedback, any conlang
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 Columbia (North America)

  North East

  -Republic of Quebec
    Colonized by Frenchmen, declared independent.
    Official language: French
    Other large language: English, Oxayian.

  -Republic of Oxayo
    Confederation of several Native Columbian tribes, some of those
displaced by Lemurakis and Europeans
    Official language: Oxayian (concious developing from a trade language),
tribal languages have official status.

  -Columbian Confederacy (CC).
    Confederation of former European colonies
    Official languages: English, French, Dutch, Floridian*, Hamburgish*
    Other large languages: Lemuraki, Oxayian.
    * Floridian (Spanish) and Hamburgish (German) are official in their
states, but are seldom used in any official confederated event.
    States: Lemoucqui (French), Saint George (English), Virginia (English),
Philadelfia (English), Carolina (English), Florida (Floridian), Neu Hamburg
(Hamburgish), New Scotland (English), New England (English), New Amsterdam
(Dutch), Cuba (French).

  -Kingdom of Lemuraki
    Part of the former Lemuraki Empire which resisted the European invasion.
    Official language: Lemuraki.
    Other large languages: English, Oxayian.

  North West Columbia

  -Federal Hang Republic
    Federation of Native Columbian tribes and nations with a common
linguistic/genetic origin.
    Official language: not sure...

  -Republic of San Diego
    Castillian colony (OTL Colorado) who fought the French invasion.
    Official Language: Diegano (Sandiegian Spanish).

  -Republic of Yomkaliba:
    Native Columbian nation.  Its main expansion took place with the
European invasion.
    Official Language: Yomkaluse

  Southern North America (Southern Mexico and Central America)

  -Kingdom of Humbrilaang
    Native Columbian nation.
    Official language: Humbrilian

  -Federation of Semtalika
    Native Columbian nation
    Official language: Semtalian

  -Republic of Lulupatli
    Native Coulmbian nation
    Official Language: Semtalian

  Columbian Colonies

    Alaska is a federative state of the Russian Federation.

  -Danish territories
    Columbian Northern Territories, from Greenland to the limits with Alaska

  -Japanese colonies
    Some islands and small on shore bases in the Pacific coast.

 America (South America)

  Northwest America

  -Kingdom of Kurimpe
    Hangkerimians.  Most of the territory were ruled by Spain and then by
    Official language: Hangkerimce
    Other languages: Kizidanoce, Nyucar (English), Criollo (Spanish), Moscha

  -Republic of Daluram
    Hangkerimians.  Mostly free form European invasion but the northern
    Official language: Hangkerimce
    Other languages: Nyucar (English), Criollo (Spanish)

  -Republic of Yelamha
    Hangkerimians.  Partially invaded by Europeans.
    Official language: Hangkerimce
    Other languages: Kizidanoce, Nyucar (English), Criollo (Spanish), Moscha

  The Andes

  -Kingdom of Beltamira
    Native American nation.  Resisted invasion from Spaniards and Dutch.
    Official language: Beltamirian

  -Kingdom of Reehalyuba
    Native American nation
    Official language: Reehalyibian

  Southeast America

  -Republic of Papalegrita
    Unitary republic formed by the union of several city-nations of common
origen. Some 2000 years ago, there was an empire on that terriory.
    Official language: Papalegritian
    Other large languages: French.

  -Republic of Patagonia
    Conquered by Spaniards, Dutch took over after the fall of Spain.
    Official language: Dutch
    Other large languages: Papalegritian

  -Kingdom of Portugal
    Capital moved to America terrotory.
    Official language: Portuguese

  Colonies in South America.

  -French colonies
    OTL Guiana, Buenos Aires.and others

  -Dutch colonies
    OTL Surinam and Tierra del Fuego.

  -English colonies
    OTL Guyana, Falkland and others

  Western Europe
  Central Europe
  -Germano-Baltic Reich
    Official languages: German, Swedish, Polish
    Other mayor languages: Finish, Prussian, Ukrainian
    Official language: French, Italian, Helvetian (Swish German)
  South Eastern Europe
  -Republic of Slovenia
  -Republic of Rumania
  -Kingdom of Bulgaria
  -Republic of Serbia
  Mediterranean states
  -Republic of Castilla
  -Republic of Catalunya
  -Republic Lombarda
    Official language: Toscanian (Italian)
  -Republic of Naples
    Official language: Neapolitan
  -Kingdom of Greece

 Western and Central Asia
  -Russia (Federal Russian Republic)
Eastern Asia
 Australia and the Pacific

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