This is a reconstruction of proto-Hembica (4500 BP), the language which
developed into Hangkerimce.  It features a peace arrangement similar to the
oldest transcriptions (4000 BP).

fasezo talimana gun phopika gun qusanta gun qankhi
talimaka cxufezo khilema
monkhewalune chasinxe gun phopika gun qusanta gun qankhi waso
magxin turapichuro haki gunin
khufin turapichuro fxuyali gunin
tamo khofagxo ru qankhi yekulo
tamo fxera lekocxo phan lipipo ronxipuso
nukesicho chasinxe gun phopika gun qusanta gun qankhi
magxi mefingo
khufi mapugo
lekocxo khofagxo fxerusa
pezale talimana gun lipika ru phopi gun qusanta gun qankhi
cxufale khilema talimanka gun lipika
fasalune tuyanga

NAS  m       n           nx
AST  ph              ch  kh  qh
STO  p       t           k       q
VST                      g
FRI  f   fx  s       cx          h
VFR              z       gx  r
APR      w           y
LAT          l

fas-ez-o    talim-ana       gun phop-ika      gun qusant-a
come-DES-PR emissary-SG.NOM of  tribe-COL.ERG of  accross-COL.ABS
 gun qankh-i
 of  river-COL.ABS
* qankhi is the great river and therefore the colective is used.

talim-aka       cxuf-ez-o    khilem-a
emissary-SG.ERG bring-DES-PR present-COL.ABS

monkhew-al(un)e chasinx-e     gun phopika gun qusanta gun qankhi was-o
deal-(SUB)FUT   chief-SG.NOM  of tribe of across of river        want-PR

magx-in        turap-ich(ur)o hak-i       gunin
mother-COL.NOM lose-(FEA)PERF son-COL.ABS theirs
* gunin = gun (magx)in

khufin      turap-ichuro  fxuyal-i       gunin
man-COL.NOM lose-FEA.PERF brothe-COL.ABS theirs
* gunin = gun (khuf)in

tam-o    khof-agxo    ru qankh-i       yekulo
exist-PR fish-CPL.ABS in river-COL.ABS many-PR

tamo  fxer-a       lekocx-o  phan lip-ipo       ronx-ip(us)o
exist food-COL.ABS enough-PR for  we.exc-COL.C4 you-COL.C4(CON)

nukes-icho chasinx-e     gun phopika gun qusanta gun qankhi
say-PERF   chief-SG.ABS  of tribe of across of river

magx-i         mefing-o
mother-COL.ABS cry-PR

khuf-i      mapug-o
man-COL.ABS sad-PR

lekocx-o khof-agxo     fxer-(us)a
enough=PR fish-CPL.ABS food-COL.ABS(CON)

pez-ale talim-ana       gun lip-ika         ru phop-i
go-FUT  emissary-SG.NOM of  we(exc)-COL.ERG to tribe-COL.ABS
 gun qusanta gun qankhi
 of across of river

{llevar}ale {presente}a {emisario}anka gun {nosotros}ika
cxuf-ale khilem-a talim-anka gun lip-ika

fas-al(un)e   tuyang-a
come-FUT(SUB) peace-COL.ABS

Symbol explanation:
DES: mood: worthless, of small value
PR: tense: present
SG: number: singular (individual)
NOM: case: nominative
COL: number: colective (used for mass nouns)
ERG: case: ergative
ABS: case: absolute
SUB: mood: subjunctive
FUT: tense: future
FEA: mood: fear
PERF: tense: past (perfect)
CPL: number: colective plural
C4: case: [unnamed case]
CON: infix: conjunctive

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  Bogotá, Colombia
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