On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Carlos Thompson wrote:

>So now I wonder how Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón could have developed in a
>Brithenig universe.  That Thompson Pinzón is Spanish costume (fathers family
>name followed by mothers family name, the first of them is the one passing
>to my own children).

In the south of Kemr, y hYspanow maintain this same custom. The
spelling of your name would be unchanged, except Eugenio would
most likely be Ewgenis. The pronunciation would be different, of
course: ['karlos EwdZ'Eni 'tonson pinz'o]. Someone unfamilliar
with English names might say [ton'so]. Though -mp- is an allowable
cluster, -mps- is not; hence the simplification to -ns-.

>Thompson is also from English (Norse?) origin as
>development from Thomas' son, and Carlos is a germanic name which surfaces
>as Charles in English, and means either king or common man (that discution
>were hold before in this list).  I know that in Cambria there is some
>Spanish influence so my origin in Ill Bethisad would be something in the
>lines of: a Chomro slave owner in some remote South American island gave his
>name: (son of Thomas) to one of the slaves, whose descendant came to a
>Spanish influenced part of Cambria marring a girl of Spanish origin.  Two
>generations later I exist with two good Christian names: Carlos (or the way
>it has surfaces in Cambria) + Eugenio (ditto), that son of Thomas part +
>that Spanish Pinzón part.


>-- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
>who in Zera would be a mixed Criollo and Hangkerimian living in Kurimpe whos
>grandfather was a late migration of African descendant Antillian who had an
>English last name.