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>ILOCANO: The mother tongue of the majority of my Filipino relatives. I
>have never ever been able to communicate with them properly.

Eww.....Ilocano :) Kidding :). Actually that's pretty cool Kristian. My
friend mike is Ilocano and all he knows are the bad words, and a few
familial terms. Another of the Philippine langs i'd like to know is
actually Chavacano. My friend liz speaks it fluently, and even though it's
a creole, itīs still wonderful to listen to.

Which brings me to several questions :

I have been thinking of doing a creole based off of Saalangal (yeah I
know, yet another conlang). Now, would it be best to do a pidgin first,
and then evolve it from there? Or  would it be simpler to just go in full
force and do a creole? I know the substrata would be Saalangal, and the
lexicon would be the other language, and i'm thinking either English or
Spanish (this would be a personal project just for fun).  Also, are there
any resources on the net that explains how creoles work?


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