For all those who might be interested in this venture - I felt as if this
information might be appropriate for the auxlang list, for numerous

-Charles H.


Dear Friends,

I am preparing a polyglot and transcultural compilation of 20 lines of
the best known poetry in Polish literature, by Mickiewicz, and have so
far received translations into 89 languages. I wish to contact motivated
linguists to expand the project into other languages. For those unable
to work with the original, on-line literal translations are available in
English and French. You may also wish to visit website
(www.ccr, for background information on the

Thank you for your help.
With best regards
Dr. Z.W. Wolkowski
University of Paris, France


Adam Mickiewicz
"Pan Tadeusz", or the last foray in Lithuania

Lithuania, my country! you are like health
How much should cherish you, he will only learn,
Who has lost you. Today your beauty in all its splendor
I see and describe, because I yearn for you.

Holy Maiden, who guards the Bright Mountain of Czestochowa,
And shines in the Ostra Gate of Vilna!
You, who defends the castle city of Novogrodek with its faithful people,

As you have brought me back to health as a child by miracle,
(When, offered by my crying mother
Under Your protection, I raised my dead eye-lid
And straight away I could by foot to the threshold
Of Your temple go and thank God
For the life returned)
Thus you shall return us by miracle to our Fatherland's bosom.

Meanwhile, transport my yearning soul
To those green pastures spread wide along the blue Niemen,
To those fields painted with various grain,
Gold-colored with wheat, silver-colored with rye,
Where the amber-colored colza, buckwheat white as snow,
Where clover blushes as the cheeks of a maiden, and all is girdled
As with a ribbon, by a green hedge
On which rare, silent pear trees stand.