Mangiat wrote:

> Anyway, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL (at least to Catholics and
> Protestants - obviously I'm not against Orthodoxes and Jews, but,
> AFAIK, they'll celebrate Easter later, am I right, Irina and
> Steg?)

We have Easter on the 30th, and Palm Sunday tomorrow (obviously). The
kids have made "palmpaasstokken", probably a Dutch custom. They're
like portable maypoles decorated with candy and raisins and paper
streamers, with a rooster made of bread on top, to be blessed in
church - Catholic kids have processions with them, but we have only
about five kids the right age (able to walk with a palmpaasstok in
their hand and under 10) in our parish and the procession is only
from the back of the church to the front where the blessing is to
take place. After the service all the goodies are eaten, of course.


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