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>Nevertheless, the claim is made annually by ultra-radical Fundamentalist
>Reformed sorts that "Easter" is from "Ishtar" and that all "Easter"
>celebrations are actually Ishtar worship.  Mind you, they can't figure out
>how the name got from Mesopotamia to England without touching any of the
>countries in between.  What is truly strange is that some neopagans have
>taken up exactly the same daft refrain in an attempt to claim that Easter
>was "theirs first".  I guess Jews don't exist, anymore...

This reminds me of something I found amusing from my world mythology
course last semester. We were going over Norse gods and goddesses, and
when we came to Idun, my professor made a less than subtle hint that Idun,
and Eden are related in some way (now, he may be right, but i have my


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