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Saturday, April 15, 2000, 3:38:32 AM, you wrote:

POB> In fact, Pham Xuan Thai's conIAL FRATER
POB> had only 18 phonemes.  (The vocabulary was rather Hogbenesque, although
POB> with a more decided tilt toward Latin than Interglossa).

Hogben -- who was he?

POB>     I would opine that sooner or later, choices have to be made in the
POB> design of any constructed auxiliary language, and it may be possible
POB> that somewhere along the line with a usable IAL there may be some
POB> feature that is not equally easy to everyone.

I wonder what should an _unusable_ language look like?

POB>     (As far as a limited phonology goes, I once toyed with the idea of
POB> combining my project frater2, based on Thai's FRATER, with a vocabulary
POB> something like Russell's Suma.  However, I was/am under no illusion
POB> that it would take the world by the ear.)

Curiouser and curiouser... Any details about Russell and Suma?

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