Sherry Hall wrote:
>Hi it's me again. We went out to Army Bay today and the wind was up
>big time, the water very turbulent. As Newbies we braved the weather
>and dived anyway. My husband doesn't care what the weather is he
>dives every chance. Sometimes drives me crazy, he says I could stay
>home but I would worry. So there I go 2 steps behind him following.
>I figure he won't drown without me, I ain't getting stuck raising
>children alone:)

Hey Sherry .. I like your sense of humour :-) I take my hat off to you &
your husband .. unless its for some special reason, like a photo shoot that
has to go on regardless of the sea conditions, I only dive when the weather
is warm & the swell is mild. In fact this week the temperature has dropped
so suddenly that I doubt I will be doing much diving in Perth now because it
feels like its the middle of winter & autumn hasnt kicked in yet :-(  .. I
will be heading up north to warmer climes like Coral Bay on my return from
Fiji. I think the only thing that would get me back in to Perth waters
during June - Oct would be when humpback whale season starts. Its silly for
me to be such a wimp because during winter, if the swell isnt too bad, the
viz is usually excellent around Perth.

><snip of the kiwi shears> I enjoy living here in NZ, I am teaching
>the people here what American cooking is all about, not McDonalds.
>I make homemade American sausage, and Mexican sausage (Chorizo).
>I was raised in Southern California so I make a lot of Mexican
>food if I can find the ingredients.

Im sure they are enjoying your cuisine! Variety is the spice of life! And
yes it is hard to find the right ingredients .. it wasnt till I moved to OZ
that I realised more than half the evil things I enjoyed eating in NZ were
not available in OZ .. so I was always sending $ home so they could send me
a food parcel when I craved something in particular. At that time we couldnt
even get basic stuff like WATTIES .. now its everywhere ;-) A friend of mine
had some guests from the US & they put on a southern bubba barbecue for us.
I gorged myself silly. They have threatened to return to Perth for another
holiday but this time want me to organise a hangi for them.

Sherry & Tim thanks for sharing your dive reports with us. I at first
thought you were a young newbie dive couple so was certainly surprised to
hear you had 6 kids & a grandchild on the way ... Goodonya! You sound like a
very *withit* couple who are enjoying life to the fullest! :-))

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