At 01:09 30/04/00 +0000, Cosma wrote a (two) dive(s) report.

>Well, 'ear tis...

Thanks for the report.  It really interested me because this is the type of
diving we do here in the Mediterranean (as opposed to clear Red Sea diving)
- low vis and chilly in the winter (although not as cold as you get).  10C?
 Brrrr.  Do you dive dry or 7mm?  I dived 12C with 5mm semi dry in France,
a few years ago and it was too cold.

>Detailed dive plan for those that may be interested.
>40m - 20mins - Air
>15m - 1min  -  Switch to 50%
>6m - 4mins - 50%
>3m - 7mins - 50%

What's your tank configuration?  How do you do your deco plans?

>After 15 minutes we decided to call it a day.  A close
>inspection of my computer gave me a little shock as the max
>depth showed as 38m!

Getting a bit narc'd, are we? :-)

>Fortunately I had planned for this sort of thing and had a
>deco schedule already written.

How many do you prepare?
When I dived tables - deco, I used to have at least 3 alternative plans on
my slate.