At 12:52 PM 4/30/00 -0500, Crusty wrote:
>Hola! Sr Strike,
>Your package arrived as I was heading out of town and I stuffed it into
>my bag to enjoy on the plane.  What a treat to read your Coz99NEDfest
>article and recall the fun time we all had!

That's what I said to Strike (read on the plane) about the REST of
the magazine.  :-)  Looks like we Gringos all get the 2nd Class
treatment by the Aussie Post Office, after they sent the Asians
and Europeans first.  :)
>Good diving with good friends makes for a great trip and this trip
>certainly had all of the best ingredients.

I wish I had squeezed in the Galapagos trip with your three!  Now I
can look forward to your trip report and pics but only when I return
from MY next dive trip.  I'll be diving three weeks out of four in
May!  :-)  Somebody has to do suffer through these for mankind.

>Thanks, Strike, for sending us a copy of the article.  You captured it
>the way I remembered...lots of laughter and lots of smiles.

Sue (the editor) didn't have the guts to put on the one you were
sqeezing something that looked like your peeing-apparatus, with a
wicked grin on your face.  :-)

>Like John
>and Brooxie, we anxiously await the next opportunity to cook up another
>trip with the people on this list.

Read the archives.  There must've been AT LEAST 15 mini-NEDfests
offered during your 3-week absence to the Galapagos.  :)

-- Bob.