On Monday, May 01, 2000 12:03 PM, Ron Fuller wrote:

> This is the first instalment on a project I think will take about three
> weeks to complete.

>  There are around 90 images in the part that's done.

Wow!  Ron, these are great!  :-)

I particularly liked the turtle shot; the Big-Gobbed Sea Snake!  (That, of
course is its scientific name!<g>); and the invertebrates.

> Note the "fisheries" section is not pretty nor is it intended to be.(I saw
> some of the same gill nets myself)

It's disturbing - but good to see.  (Regrettably - and it seems to me all
too often to be the case - images like these tend to receive low priority
when it comes to making their way into the pages of diving magazines.

>  The examples pages are done (except for some image size code tweeking),
> the selection pages aren't linked because Howard left town with some
> confusing instructions.

If I'd been you, I'd have offered to go with him and carry his camera - if I
thought for just one moment that I could lift the bloody thing! :-)

> If you spot anything that doesn't look right or locks up your computers,

It looked more than good to me.