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>Subject: Slashdotted?
>This is particularly for Bob LeCHEVALIER, Robin TURNER, and the various
>Esperanto speakers floating around in this group. Check out an interesting
>question raised at
>According to the statistics provided by the administrator of the Free
>Esperanto Course (version for English speakers), this posting has led to an
>increase in the number of signups for that course on the order of 150-200
>for the month of April. I was just wondering if the folks at Lojban Central
>had seen a similar effect on anything they measure. I would guess that this
>ought to be the case...

[sound of jaw crashing through floor]

I almost blew by this, since I did not have time to look at Web pages
tonight. But I looked at the site, and then I looked at our Web page
statistics.  Then came the sound just mentioned.

On April 29-30 some 7500 different sites looked at our Web pages, with a
total downloaded bandwidth of over 1 gig.  This is about what we have been
getting in a year.  And it is presumably going to continue today.

It does not seem to have had much impact on our site until the 29th, and
there is a lot of stuff there to look at, so it is probably premature to be
seeing a lot of follow on signups for Lojban List or book orders or
whatever.  But I'll let you know, assuming I can refasten my jaw.

Oh, kinda interesting is that the hits on the 29th came from 63 different
country domains, including such places as Christmas Island and Niue.

I am not sure I ever heard of before this.  But obviously a
lot of people read it seriously.
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